Engineering Consultant

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Engineering Design

  •  Buried concrete structures

  •  Retaining structures

  •  Reinforced concrete pipe and box

  •  Water retention structures

  •  Precast design solution and proposal

Inspection and Audit

  • Provide audit service for pre-qualification process.  

  • Provide pre-installation or post installation inspection service.

  • Provide in-factory pre-delivery inspection of concrete products.

  • Precast concrete structure installation and inspection

  • CCTV technical review

Detailing and Drafting

  • Fast turnaround detailing for precast concrete manufacturing, cast-in-place concrete structure, construction details.

  • 3D modeling for conflict detection.

Technical Consulting 

  • Precast concrete product manufacturing and quality assurance

  • Concrete mix design and production

  • Cold weather and hot weather concreting techniques and implementation

  • Mass concrete design, production, and performance control.

  • Product development specification and technical marketing and presentations

  • Project management for construction projects

  • Site service, technical issue troubleshooting, and remediation

Technical Training

  • Customized training sessions for precast concrete, engineering, manufacturing quality, etc. 

  • Host one-on-one web based, webinar or in-person group training.

  • Training topics cover the full spectrum of precast concrete from materials, design, manufacturing to installation and quality assurance.

Root Cause Analysis

  • Provide professional services to its client to manage non-conformance, as-built discrepancy, structural damage, and concrete material in compliance.  

  • Proficient in concrete structure and concrete materials.

  • Services include engineering investigation, root cause analysis, remediation plan, expert opinion and witness. 



  • 20 years of precast concrete industry experience

  • Expert in reinforced concrete pipe design, manufacturing and installation

  • Experience in MTO, regional public, PPP projects (highway bridges, culverts, tunnels, prestressing and post-tensioning process)

  • Experience in municipal and land development projects (trunk sewer, water retention, retaining wall etc.)

  • Technical committees and task groups

  • Dozens of industry and academic publications









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